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Molly Carmel, Founder and Director, Weight Loss and Food Addiction Specialist — “As someone who struggled with food addiction and obesity since the age of seven – I can speak to the dual sadness of trying to heal yourself with programs that do not work and the prejudices society has against overweight people… Many people struggling with food addiction feel powerless, like they can’t do it, that they are fat for life, that it is impossible, that they should have been able to do it on another diet… The Beacon Program provides a permanent solution…”

Beacon offers you permanent solutions to help you overcome your problems with weight, binging, and food. Let us help guide you towards a new freedom and start living the life you want.
We know you are coming to us not only because want to lose weight and stop the cycle of dieting and binging — we know that you want to STAY STOPPED. You want to be IN your life, not waiting for it to start while you battle your food demons in silence.  You want to stay stopped so that you can finally focus on the beautiful life in front of you.  That’s our commitment to you at Beacon.A better life is waiting.  Come and see what we have to offer you to get you the very best out of life.  Start your solution now.


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